• Lauren Quibell

10 Benefits of Hiring a Specialized Facebook Ad Agency

Business owners are often faced with a common conundrum of whether to grow their in-house marketing staff or partner with a marketing agency to achieve their objectives. If a business owner decides to go with outsourcing all or certain marketing activities to an agency, the decision is further complicated by needing to choose which type of agency to hire. There are many factors that come into consideration when choosing whether to hire a specialized Facebook ad agency (or any type of specialized agency), a full-service marketing agency (whose services may include Facebook ads) or a permanent in-house marketing team or team member. Each option comes with its pros and cons but at the end of the day, the final decision is down to what your unique business needs are and the capacity of your business’s resources.

Before a business even considers whether they need additional marketing staff or a marketing agency, the current state of affairs must to be analyzed by asking questions such as:

· Is my business getting enough leads or sales? Do you have the capacity to fulfill more orders?

· Are there certain marketing tasks that are not completed correctly or not getting done at all? Do the skills of your staff meet the quality of work that you expect? Are they meeting their deadlines?

· How much scope is available for a new staff member or members? Is there enough additional work that would justify hiring a full-time employee?

If a business decides to go ahead with an expansion of their marketing team (external or internal) after an assessment of their current position, overall needs and capacity, then the following 10 benefits to hiring a specialized Facebook ad agency, may help to make this decision a little easier:

1. A Facebook Ad Agency Provides a Specialized Service:

It is common for businesses or full-service agencies to take on general marketing personnel rather than employing specialists within a particular field of digital marketing such as paid ad experts. People employed in a general marketing role are expected to do a variety of tasks without ever becoming specialized in one particular area, leading to a lack of optimization of specific channels which could be hampering growth. By employing a specialized Facebook ad agency, you are able to gain access to a specific set of services and skills that would ordinarily be lacking from general marketing teams, thus allowing for far greater social media advertising success and growth.

2. A specialized Facebook Ad Agency Has Refined Their Expertise:

An expert in a particular field truly knows the ins and outs of their specialization and has a level of experience which a general marketing team may not possess. By working on many different projects exclusively in that field, a repertoire of knowledge is built up which can be applied across campaigns. Furthermore, experts stay on top of marketing trends and will always strive to produce high-quality work for their clients because each project directly reflects on their expertise.

3. A Better Return on Investment Can Be Achieved with a Facebook Ad Agency:

Hiring in-house is expensive. The salaries, benefits, training, hardware and software required all add up as a high ongoing cost to your company. Companies are also tied in to employing a person or a team over a long period of time which can be risky for any business from an operational and human resources point of view. Employing a specialized Facebook ad agency cuts those operational costs down, therefore increasing your return on investment and reduces the relevant risks involved with hiring in-house staff.

4. A Specialized Facebook Ad Agency Will Free Up Your Time:

It is common for most marketing departments to be extremely busy and managing a heavy workload which consists of many different projects. By employing a specialized Facebook ad agency, a huge amount of your team’s time is opened up, allowing them to focus on other important marketing aspects. Facebook ads need to be managed on a daily basis and much time is required to ensure that the delivery of those ads are being optimized. The platform is constantly changing, and advertisers need to stay on top of trends and new features which can drastically change the performance of ad campaigns. This requires a time commitment that most marketing departments do not have the resources for.

5. A Facebook Ad Agency Brings a Unique Perspective:

Part of becoming a specialized Facebook ad agency is the experience gained from all other ad campaigns that have been implemented for other businesses in a variety of industries. This experience turns into a tried and tested perspective on what works and what doesn’t work when running a campaign. This perspective brings a unique view on marketing campaign strategies which can lead to new insights and opportunities for businesses.

6. Communication with a Facebook Ad Agency will be Direct and Response Rates will be Quick:

With a Facebook ad agency comes flat organizational structures. There are no endless levels of communication or employees waiting for someone else to get back to them before being able to give you feedback or complete a task. By only providing one service, everyone within the agency is focusing their day-to-day tasks on one overall activity and are not distracted by a variety of projects, allowing them to respond timeously to all direct communication from clients.

7. A Facebook Ad Agency Won’t Try to Upsell You:

With a wider variety of services on offer from a full-service agency, it is possible that they may attempt upsell a variety of services to their clients instead of prioritizing what is best for that particular client. As a Facebook ad agency offers a specialized service, there is no temptation to upsell. As the client, you know that you won’t be convinced or enticed into taking on any other additional services that you did not intend on using before approaching the agency.

8. A Facebook Ad Agency is More Affordable:

The size of a Facebook ad agency is generally small and therefore incur a smaller number of overheads and fewer expenses compared to a full-service agency. Even if you are only employing a full-service marketing agency to run digital ad campaigns for your business, that agency still has large overheads that it needs to cover in order to offer all of its other services to their other clients. Full-service agency fees are generally higher due to the extra expenses that they carry.

9. A Facebook Ad Agency Provides Flexibility:

Businesses are constantly needing to adapt to suit the demands of their market, respond to global events and trends and ensure that they are at the forefront of any change that occurs in their respective industries. A specialized Facebook ad agency will likely have a streamlined team, enabling them to make quick decisions and respond rapidly to any macro or micro changes that happen in your business’s environment. With more flexibility comes a higher level of personalized service and attention to their client’s needs.

10. A Facebook Ad Agency is Dedicated to Achieving Results:

Because there are no other services to fall back on or other potentially successful marketing projects that are running alongside Facebook ad campaigns, a specialized Facebook ad agency 100% relies on achieving the best results possible for their clients to ensure a continued relationship. This dedication to achieving results extends to providing excellent client service, consistent focus on performance and a genuine care for their clients and the outcome of each campaign.

As a specialized Facebook ad agency ourselves, we fully believe in the benefits of outsourcing specific services related to a particular field in order to maximize results and the overall impact on your business. As you’ve read in the benefits listed above, hiring a Facebook ad agency presents a unique and untapped opportunity which may help businesses take their growth to a whole new level.

If you are still unsure about whether a specialized agency is the way to go for your business, have an open conversation with any agency you have in mind. Being a small agency, they might be flexible and open to negotiating a fair, short term contract with you. This will allow you to get an idea of the level of results they can achieve and how they work. The agency chosen will essentially become an extension of your team and will play an important role in the growth of your business. Finding the right agency that meets your needs, one which fits in well with your organization’s culture and is aligned with your goals, is therefore vital to the future success of marketing projects.

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