Blue Rabbit Digital is a specialised social media and Google ad agency, focusing solely on planning and implementing optimised advertising campaigns. Using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google ad platforms, we increase engagement, generate high quality leads and drive sales for our clients.

We take a proven strategic and data driven approach to paid advertising, helping our clients to effectively communicate with their unique target market to grow their brand and scale their business. We steer our clients away from ineffective and costly social media advertising methods, focusing our attention and resources on achieving optimised results using planned, multiphase campaigns.

Working alongside our clients, we help build their brand, using impactful, scalable and proven ROI strategies. We are passionate about using these platforms to help businesses grow and compete in the most effective way possible.

Our hands-on, creative approach to each ad campaign enables us to conquer business and social media marketing challenges, that saves our clients time and builds their brand. 


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How We Do It

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Each Industry Is Different

One size does not fit all when it comes to Facebook and Instagram advertising. Based on our experience from working within a broad spectrum of industries, we have developed an understanding of what works best and have formulated time-tested methods for different industries and businesses.

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Ad Metrics Are Key

Developing an effective advertising strategy for Facebook and Instagram requires detailed analysis of a variety of in-depth data metrics to identify key behavioural patterns. Using tools such as the Facebook Pixel tracking code, we dive deep into the analytics behind our clients’ websites and social media platforms in order to gain a holistic understanding of the audience.


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Begin With The End In Mind

Our ad campaign strategies adhere to one golden rule: maximise return on investment. We develop proven marketing strategies and processes centred around the principle of profitability, ensuring our clients receive the most value out of their campaigns. By targeting the right consumers at the right time using customised, ROI focused sales and marketing funnels, we are able to minimise ad spend, while maximising profitability.

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Real-time Advertising. Real-time Management

Every aspect of Facebook and Instagram advertising happens in real-time. Ensuring consistent and optimised delivery of an ad to the right people requires daily management and is a vital element to the success of the campaign as a whole. In order to achieve the best results possible for our clients, we monitor ads on a daily basis and don’t limit our services to set number of changes or alterations to an ad campaign.

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